Can someone write WAEC for me?

You might be wondering about the question – Can someone write WAEC for me? We explain why this is not possible and why it’s illegal for someone else to write your WAEC exams for you.

Can someone write WAEC for me? No, it’s illegal and a jailable criminal offense to allow someone else to help you write your WAEC exams.

You shouldn’t think of allowing someone else to write for you as WAEC has kept in place different measures to find people who do such. Examples of these measures are:

  • The supervisors from WAEC check your ID card and photo.
  • During the exam, they recheck your ID card and photo.
  • They also make sure that the exam number and center number are correct and that they belong to you.
  • Sometimes, they might use a deep photo scanner to check that your face matches the registered person in their database especially if they suspect that your Waec exam center is involved in helping to write exams for students.

If you are caught, the school will be sanctioned and all/some of the results from that school may get canceled. Also if the case is extreme, the school might lose their license to allow students to write WAEC exams because by enabling others to write the exam for you, all the people involved are committing identity and exam fraud.

It is also a Jailable offense in which everyone involved caught would be prosecuted by the exam body(WAEC).

Please stay away from people or schools that offer such as it is not allowed and it’s illegal. There are also people we heard stories from that have fallen for scams that promise that they can help students write their exams and at the very end, they lost all their money without any way to get it back from the person/school that lied that they offer such.

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