Things To Know About JAMB Mock Exam


Importance Of JAMB Mock Exam

  • It helps to give candidates the feeling of how the JAMB UTME is like.
  • It helps to show candidates the way JAMB set questions.
  • Helps candidates to know if he or she is weak or strong in their subjects.
  • Helps candidates understand the CBT exam environment while using a computer to write the test.

Important things you should know about the JAMB Mock Exam

  1. JAMB Mock Exam is NOT COMPULSORY.
  2. Performing better in the JAMB mock exam doesn’t guarantee a higher mark in the main UTME. For example in the Jamb Mock Exam, you may score 321 and in the real exam end up scoring 267.
  3. The Jamb Mock Exam is just a way to get candidates prepared for the real exam.
  4. The reason for the JAMB mock exams is only to give you an idea of what the JAMB CBT EXAM feels like.
  5. The JAMB mock exam is not NEEDED TO WRITE THE MAIN EXAM.
  6. The result of the mock exam will NOT be added to the result of the main examination.
  7. If you chose to write the JAMB mock exam and later changed your mind, there is no problem.
  8. The questions that will come out during the Mock exam are not necessarily the questions that will come out during the main exam.
  9. The JAMB Mock Exam is expected to start at 7:00 am at the various Jamb exam centers (different sessions/times).
  10. There will be no makeup test if you miss the JAMB  mock exam as it’s just a sample test.
  11. For the JAMB mock examination, candidates’ venue will be within the state they registered for their UTME.
  12. You are to go to your jamb mock exam center with a copy of your JAMB mock examination slip or printout.
  13. Bags, mobile phones, calculators, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the JAMB MOCK exams center.
  14. The mock examination costs ₦1000 due to an increase in the cost of diesel, you are to pay the money in your CBT exam center or you won’t be allowed to write the jamb mock exam.
  15. Failing the Jamb Mock exam should not make you SAD. Instead, it means you need to quickly practice and prepare more before the real exam starts.

Does JAMB Add The Mock Score To The UTME Score?

Well NO! This score isn’t added to your real exams and it doesn’t affect anything.

If you are already familiar with the CBT exams environment, you may not need the preparatory test.

Will I Print Another Jamb Mock Exam Slip If The Date Has Been Shifted

Yes, you would. Kindly go and reprint your exams slip once reprinting has been announced

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