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Post Utme Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

Post Utme Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

Every year a lot of students get scared when they are about to start applying for their Post Utme exam, we have ten(10) tips that ensure that your Post Utme Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Yes, we understand that the result of your Post Utme exam determines if or if not you get into the university or a polytechnic, there is nothing to be afraid of if you follow our tips to help you.

Here are the tips:

Have your O’level result ready/Make Sure you pass your 5 core subjects in your Olevel

All schools require that when you are starting your admission process fully, you must have your O’level results (Waec or GCE or Neco) with your 5 core subjects with at least a C6.

Your core subjects usually include Maths and English compulsory(for most schools, a few accept D7).

If you have two(2) results from different O’level exams then you can combine them and apply for admission only if your school of choice accepts 2 results/sittings.

Make sure you study for your Exams based on the Syllabus/past question of the school you choose

One mistake students make is not studying for their Exams based on the Syllabus of the school they choose.

You should practice with the recommended past questions available from your school and their syllabus as this helps to prepare you for what are you about to face.

Study and don’t just read or cram for your Post Utme!

Most students spend time just reading or cramming the past questions for their Post Utme exam, this is wrong and a horrible way to get prepared for your exam.

Instead, you should study – this means you should devote time and attention to gaining knowledge of what you are reading.

Studying means you understand the concept of what you are reading.

For example in maths, you should be able to apply formulas for calculations so that when the exam comes, you would be able to solve any question related to that topic.

Have a good JAMB score

To be able to sit for a Post Utme exam of a school, you need to have met their cut-off mark for JAMB.

If you did not meet the cut-off mark for your course, we advise that you consider changing course as your chances of getting admission might be slimmer because of the cut-off mark.

Another thing you can consider doing is changing school to another with Jamb change of Institution form. This way, you can choose another school with a lower cut-off mark, and your chance of getting admission increases especially if you are an indigene.

Consider applying for a school where you are an indigene

This is a secret that most students don’t know about, but first, let’s define what is an indigene.

Indigene: this refers to a person that is considered a native or was born a native of a particular area.

If you were born in Lagos for example and you applied to a school in Lagos like Unilag, you would be considered more than others from another state even when your JAMB score is slightly lower than the official cut-off mark.

Stay Informed On Post UTME News

Always know what is going on in your school of choice for Post Utme, the Examina app has a news section for this, Download the app now.

Also if possible try your best to join WhatsApp and Facebook group chats for your school and be active there as it would help you know the latest things going on in your school of choice.

Arrive Early to Your Exam Venue

As a serious student, you should be at your exam venue on time. This helps you to have time to adjust yourself and calm yourself down ahead for the exam.

Don’t be late for your exam, arriving at the school late can affect your performance.

Join a Lesson or get a lesson teacher if you are weak

Some students are a bit weak in some of their subjects, we advise that if you are one of them that you join a lesson or get a lesson teacher at least 2 weeks before the exam date. This would help you to be prepared for the subjects you are weak in.

Be confident and calm

On the day of your exam, make sure you are confident and calm. Make sure you don’t overthink about the exam and you eat before the exam.

Also, make sure you have a good sleep the night before your exam as this helps to make you mentally balanced.

Follow the Rules and Regulations of Post UTME Exam

Make sure you follow all the rules for your post UTME examination and your screening. Many students fail post JAMB because of failure to follow simple instructions.

Listen to all instructions before the start of your examination.

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