Can WAEC Gce be used to gain admission?

How to Buy 2022 WAEC GCE Registration PIN

It seems like a lot of students are confused these days about the different exams available and if or if not they can use exams like Waec GCE to gain admission into the university or polytechnic or even a college of education. We would answer the question in this article.

Can WAEC Gce be used to gain admission?

Yes, you can use WAEC Gce to gain admission into any higher institution because the West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts both the SSCE and GCE for this very purpose.

Of recent, WAEC has renamed the exam from Waec GCE to West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates. This doesn’t mean that anything changed about the exam, so far nothing has changed the only difference is the name which was changed to make it easier to differentiate from the normal exam that was conducted in schools for school leaving students.

Frequently asked Questions

Who are those qualified to sit for the WASSCE/WAEC GCE?

To be able to sit for the Waec GCE/Waec for private candidates examination, you must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Those who have attempted the WASSCE in previous years.
  • People who have attempted the GCE and obtained a pass in at least three subjects.
  • Those who have passed the Teachers Grade two examination.

Can I use WAEC GCE results for local and foreign admissions?

Yes, you can use WAEC Gce results for local and foreign admissions.

WASSCE is the most widely accepted senior secondary school result for admission into any higher institution in Nigeria and abroad.

Can I combine two WAEC results for admission?

Yes, you can combine two WAEC results for admission.

You can combine two private exams (GCE) results or one private and another April/May school sittings exam result together.

You can also combine a school candidate sitting (i.e. April/May) with a private candidate result (Jan/Feb or Aug/Sept.)

Note: some courses and universities/higher institutions in Nigeria may not accept two sittings of any exam type e.g Law, Pharmacy, Medicine(in certain universities). In this case, you can’t combine two results.

Can I Combine WAEC GCE plus NECO results for Admissions?

Yes, you can Combine WAEC plus NECO results for Admissions.

Generally, all schools accept a combination of WAEC and NECO for admission except otherwise stated by such institution’s admission adverts/notice.

If a certain school won’t accept the two exam results combination together, it would make it known in the JAMB brochure or her post-UTME advert.

NOTE: if you want to pursue courses like Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, or you are applying to a school of nursing, a few may not accept such a combination.

Make sure you do your research on the school you have in mind very well.

Can I use awaiting WAEC results for admission?

Yes, you can use awaiting WAEC results for admission Provided your result will be out before your school of choice starts admission processes or closes it.

Is it true that WAEC results expire after some years?

No, it’s not true that WAEC results expire after some years.

WAEC results do not expire no matter how old it is.

You can use your results at any time for admission, jobs, scholarships, or any official contest/program. 

Why was my WAEC result was canceled?

Results are canceled when candidates or an examination center was found guilty of examination malpractice.

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