All Social Science Courses In Nigerian Universities

All Social Science Courses In Nigerian Universities

There are a lot of Social Science Courses In Nigerian Universities, use this blog guide to find the course that might interest you to study at the university of your choice.

Social science is the branch of science devoted to the study of societies and the relationships among individuals within those societies.

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General Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission to study any of the social science courses are five (5) O’level credits, which must include Mathematics and English. You must also score up to the JAMB cut-off mark of the university of your choice.

Note that before you write UTME, you must know the JAMB subject combination for the social science courses of your choice.

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List of Social Science Courses In Nigerian Universities

Here is a full list of Social Science Courses In Nigerian Universities:

  1. Accounting
  2. Accountancy/Finance/Accounting
  3. Accounting Management & Finance
  4. Anthropology
  5. Actuarial Science
  6. Arabic and Islamic Religious Studies
  7. Banking and Finance
  8. Business Management/Management Sciences
  9. Business Administration
  10. Business and Entrepreneurial Studies
  11. Criminology
  12. Criminology and Penology
  13. Criminology and Security Studies
  14. Demography and Social Statistics
  15. Economics
  16. Entrepreneurship
  17. Entrepreneurial Studies
  18. Entrepreneurship Studies and Innovation
  19. Economics and Development Studies
  20. Economics and Operation Research
  21. Economics and Statistics
  22. Environmental Protection and Resources Management
  23. Film and Video Studies
  24. Finance
  25. Geography
  26. Geography and Environmental Management
  27. Geography and Meteorology
  28. Geography and Regional Planning
  29. Geography and Planning
  30. Government and Public Administration
  31. Hospitality and Tourism
  32. Hospitality and Tourism Management
  33. Hotel Management and Tourism
  34. Human Resources Management
  35. Industrial and Labour Relations
  36. Industrial Relations
  37. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  38. Intelligence and Security Studies
  39. Insurance
  40. International Relations
  41. International Relations and Diplomacy
  42. International Relationship and Strategic Studies
  43. International Studies
  44. International Studies and Diplomacy
  45. International and Comparative Politics
  46. Library and Information Science
  47. Library Science
  48. Management and Entrepreneurship
  49. Marketing
  50. Marketing and Advertising
  51. Mass Communication
  52. Mass Communication and Media Technology
  53. Media and Communication Studies
  54. Office and Information Management
  55. Peace and Development Studies
  56. Peace and Conflict Studies
  57. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  58. Philosophy
  59. Political Science
  60. Political Science and Diplomacy
  61. Political Science/International Law and Diplomacy
  62. Political Science and Administrative Studies
  63. Political Science and International Relations
  64. Political Science and Public Administration
  65. Political Science and International Studies
  66. Political Science and Conflict Resolution
  67. Political Science and Defence Studies
  68. Policy and Strategic Studies
  69. Policy and Administrative Studies
  70. Population Studies
  71. Psychology
  72. Public Administration
  73. Public Administration and Local Government
  74. Religious Studies
  75. Social Justice
  76. Social Work
  77. Sociology
  78. Sociology and Anthropology
  79. Transport Management
  80. Transport Planning and Management
  81. Taxation
  82. Tourism and Event Management
  83. Tourism Studies

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